What is HVAC Building Automation?

Automation is everywhere. From checkout kiosks at the grocery store to self-driving cars, it is a growing form of technology that is here to stay. You may have heard of automation for HVAC or Building Automation Systems (BAS). New technology is making it easier and more efficient to run such systems. Here we’ll talk about what BAS is and whether it might be applicable for you.

What is BAS?

A building automation system is a network that controls many building systems, among which is your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). This network contains hardware and software to monitor and maintain each system it controls. Building automation also relies on user input to set heating and cooling preferences. All of this information, funneled to a central system, allows operators and owners to monitor and optimize occupant comfort and costs associated with energy use. In addition, a BAS will often offer remote monitoring to further streamline cost effectiveness.

Home automation diagram

What are the benefits of BAS?

HVAC automation has a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial buildings. Across the board, there are several benefits of BAS


As we just mentioned, a BAS covers a wide range of applications, not just limited to HVAC but electrical, lighting and security as well. The level of complexity in the network is determined by your needs for the system. Again, this could be for a home owner or a multi-family building or office space. Remote access adds additional versatility eliminating the requirement of the home owner or operator to be on-site to make adjustments to the system. 


The set-it-and-forget-it nature of automation is another benefit. HVAC preferences can be set and some systems will even learn these preferences as they run. When adjustments need to be made, the system will do it on it’s own. If user input is required, there are remote ways of accessing the system so a homeowner could condition air prior to returning from a trip, for example. 

Cost Effectiveness

It’s true that an automation system will cost more up front, however, it can help optimize your energy consumption. In the aforementioned example, a homeowner can set HVAC to run less when they’re not home (like on a trip) and condition to a comfortable temperature prior to their return. You can also set schedules that align with the occupancy of a building or home with more usage when it’s actually needed. That way you only use more energy when you actually need to!

Is building automation right for me?

With the wide range of options available in automation, it’s very likely you can find the right fit. The experts at Dean Mechanical are happy to determine whether or not building automation is right for you. There are a range of factors to consider when choosing the right system. Dean Mechanical has served southeast Michigan for years and has plenty of experience to share with you to make the right choice for you and your building. Contact us today to get started!