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The state of Michigan is known for its icy winters. Because of its proximity to the Great Lakes, the temperatures can be some of the coldest around, especially when the wind chill is taken into account. To keep your household safe and comfortable through the worst blizzards, rely on our team at Dean Mechanical to provide superb furnace installation in Wixom. We are dedicated to making your home warm all winter long. Take a look at our customer reviews to see why we are the most trusted furnace installation company in all of Wixom!

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Rapid Furnace Installations to Keep You Warm

If you have just recently moved into your new residence and are purchasing a furnace for the first time, or you are looking for a valuable replacement because your old furnace has finally expired, there is no time waste. You are going to need a fast and effective furnace installation in Wixom to keep you and your family safe from the frigid temperatures. Here at Dean Mechanical, we offer our dedicated services every day and night of the week, as well as on the weekends, so that you can have 24/7 support for your heating needs.

Call us today at (248) 243-4774 or contact us online to learn more about our wide variety of furnace products available.

Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home

In the same manner that your home’s internal and external structure and layout may completely contrast with the architecture of your neighbor’s house, residential furnaces are often quite different as well. A furnace that works optimally in one kind of residence might not be suitable to another, depending on the unique size and layout of that house, as well as the space available to install the right types of ducts. 

This is why our technicians never use a uniform approach to helping homeowners choose a furnace. Instead, we will consult with you on your household’s individual needs, taking into account the number of people in your family as well as the whole layout of the home.

The primary three types of furnaces that are available to select from include:

  • Single stage furnaces
  • Two stage furnaces
  • Multi-stage furnaces

After our dedicated consultations about the right type of furnace for your home, we can install an excellent furnace system of any model or brand.

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

The lifespan of a furnace typically ranges from 15 to 30 years, contingent upon factors such as maintenance, usage, and quality of installation. Regular servicing prolongs its efficiency and longevity, while neglect can shorten its lifespan. Upgrading to newer, energy-efficient models can enhance both performance and durability, ensuring enduring comfort and reliability.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace?

Several signs may indicate it's time to replace your furnace:

  • Age: Furnaces typically last around 15-20 years with proper maintenance. If yours is nearing or exceeding this timeframe, it might be more cost-effective to consider a replacement.
  • Increased Energy Bills: Rising energy costs despite normal usage patterns could signal declining efficiency, particularly in older furnace models.
  • Frequent Repairs: Continual repair needs or escalating repair costs may indicate that your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Uneven Heating: Consistently uneven temperatures throughout your home could suggest that your furnace is struggling to distribute heat effectively.
  • Strange Noises: Unusual sounds like banging, rattling, or squealing emanating from your furnace might signify mechanical issues, potentially warranting a replacement.
  • Yellow Pilot Light: A pilot light burning yellow instead of blue may indicate a carbon monoxide leak, necessitating immediate attention and professional assistance.
  • Visible Signs of Rust or Cracks: Rust, corrosion, or cracks on your furnace could signify structural problems compromising efficiency and safety.
  • Increased Dust or Dry Air: Heightened dust accumulation or dryness indoors could be a sign of a malfunctioning furnace, particularly in older units struggling to filter and humidify air effectively.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Activations: Frequent carbon monoxide detector alerts could point to a faulty furnace, indicating a potential safety hazard that requires immediate professional inspection.
  • Inconsistent Thermostat Operation: Constant thermostat adjustments to maintain comfort levels might suggest that your furnace is struggling to regulate heat effectively.

Remember, if you notice any of these signs, it's crucial to have a qualified HVAC technician inspect your furnace to determine the best course of action.

Dean Mechanical Committed To Your comfort

Obtaining Maximum Energy Efficiency with Your Furnace

Anyone who is looking for a furnace in Michigan is going to opt for a system that is not only highly effective in safeguarding the house from frigid snow and icy winds, but a furnace which is also highly efficient in utilizing energy. After all, temperatures begin dropping as early as late September or beginning October and can stay low even until late March – which means you will be using your furnace quite a lot. 

To save your monthly utility bills from skyrocketing, it is critical to invest in a furnace installation that is great at conserving energy. The HVAC industry has set up key standards measuring the efficiency of different furnace systems, which is why it is essential to examine your furnace’s Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), to see how much energy you can save. Our dedicated team is ready to help you compare different furnaces, so you can find the perfect one for keeping your energy costs to a minimum. 

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