Relief From Dry Winter Air

Michigan winters can be very cold. And if your cracked hands during these cold months are any indication, cold air is dry air. Humidity is the result of air absorbing and maintaining moisture. If you’re from southeast Michigan, you know summer brings a natural humidity. Conversely, lower temperatures simply means less natural moisture.

Humidity Matters

Maintaining humidity levels in your home is important. Why? Too much can cause mold or lead to health problems such as respiratory infections. Too little can lead to dry skin and other surfaces becoming brittle and running the risk of cracking. Viruses also move better in dry air, hence the winter being “flu season”. That means maintaining a consistent humidity level should matter.

An easy way to figure out if your home humidity levels are adequate is to simply fill a glass with water. If condensation forms, you’re probably okay. If not, here are some additional tips for managing humidity to your home:

Dehumidifier put to use

Humidity Management

There are several ways to add and keep moisture in your home, for example:


These come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller portable options allow you to add water and it simply pumps moist air into the space. You can even diffuse essential oils with some. 

There are even whole-home options that use your water supply, and run to a set humidity level. The clear advantage rests in your ability to set and forget, as well as distributing moisture throughout your home as opposed to a small space. This may be your best viable option, especially in the case of a medical situation that requires more precise and consistent humidity levels. Dean Mechanical can help with a humidifier, among other things!

Seal Cracks

While sealing cracks and gaps around doors and windows doesn’t actually add moisture to your home, it does help make sure you’re not losing it! Those problem areas are common places for cold air to get in, and as you may recall cold = dry.

Make Your Own Moisture

Yes, you can create your own moisture in your home. For example, keeping your door open and the fan off while you shower can help. It’s a great way to let that long hot shower benefit your home as well as you, by distributing that steam into your home, and not out an exhaust vent. Air drying your clothes is another simple way to add moisture. Instead of venting that moisture out of your dryer, let the air in your home absorb it. Your cooking can even help. Steaming food or boiling water and using the stovetop more frequently are ways to assist adding humidity.

Final Thoughts

Dry air is a given during winter in Michigan. Poor maintenance and constant DIY solutions don’t have to be. Dean Mechanical is standing by for Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw and Livingston counties and we’re happy to help you explore maintenance, replacement or installation options to keep your home operating effectively and efficiently, year-round, but especially during the dry-winter season. Contact us today!