How Can I Naturally Cool My Home?

Summer is officially here! That means you’re trying to find ways to keep cool, whether it’s days at the pool, the beach or sitting in the comfort of your own home. But keeping your home cool doesn’t necessarily mean you have to blast your A/C 24/7. In fact there are several ways you can naturally cool your home. We’ll take a look at a few of them!

Why Should I Cool My Home Naturally?

There are several benefits to limiting A/C usage. The first is the energy savings. When you use your A/C less, you ultimately save more in utility costs.  In addition, you decrease wear and tear on your HVAC system. It’s not working as hard for longer periods of time, so reducing strain on your system will hopefully add a couple more seasons to it’s lifespan. That also means less repair costs over the life of the system. While it’s important to maintain the system and get it checked regularly, reducing strain should also reduce the times it gets anything less than a clean bill of health during inspections.

How Can I Keep My House Cool Without A/C?

There are a few different ways to keep your house cool without cranking the A/C:

Man in front of a fan

Blinds and Curtains

Limiting sunlight in your house is a great way to keep it cool. It’s recommended to close blinds on sun-facing windows throughout the day. You could also use black-out curtains, that severely limit the amount of light (and excess heat) in the home, more so than standard blinds. Either way, limiting sunlight exposure is a good way to keep your house naturally cool.

Low Heat Meal Prep or Outdoor Grilling

Limiting the heat generated within the house is another way to keep it cool, and will prevent your A/C unit from working harder than it has to. That means limiting (or eliminating) oven and stove top use. What’s a better summer activity than grilling anyway? Maybe it’s a good time to perfect those Insta-pot recipes. However you do it, not firing up the stove will help keep your home cool.

Seal Leaks

Inefficient seals means your conditioned air is escaping. That means making sure windows and exterior doors are closed, especially during high heat times of the day, is extremely important to keeping a cool home. Taking it a step further and checking seals around windows and doors will also help. Those air leaks are sneakier, but no less costly in the long-run.

Use Your Fans

Using ceiling or floor fans will encourage circulation of conditioned air and keep your home cool. Just remember to run ceiling fans in a counter clockwise direction to push the air down, opposite of what you’ll do in the winter.

Final Thoughts

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