What are Common HVAC Problems?

The thought of an issue with your heating and cooling system can cause us to shudder. Why? Most people think of HVAC issues as expensive fixes. While they can be, some of the most common issues are fairly easy to fix and prevent altogether. Let’s look at some of the common issues you may experience with your HVAC system and what you can do to remedy them.

Common HVAC Problems

Lack of Maintenance

Neglecting your HVAC maintenance is a key contributor to issues in your system. Just like your car needs regular tune-ups, so does your heating and cooling system.

Having a certified service technician regularly check your system can not only optimize it but prevent unexpected breakdowns. Save yourself from poor performance, increased energy costs, and headaches by protecting your furnace and A/C through regular maintenance.

Dirty Filters

Regularly changing your air filter is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your furnace.

A dirty filter causes 2 things:

  • It restricts airflow to your unit, causing it to work harder
  • And it won’t effectively trap dust and debris which means it either continues to circulate or collects in other places like your ductwork

In extreme circumstances, a dirty filter can even cause your furnace to overheat. In any case, replacing your filters is extremely important in extending the life and efficiency of your system.

Thermostat Malfunctions

Sometimes, when it appears your furnace or A/C isn’t working properly, it’s not the unit at all, but the thermostat. Even a slight malfunction or improper settings can cause unnecessary strain on your HVAC system.

Some thermostats require periodic battery changes, too. Refer to your owner's manual for proper settings and use of your thermostat, and prevent other unnecessary costs.

Technician checking AC system

Dirty Evaporator Coils and Condensers

Like dirty air filters, other parts of your system can cause malfunctions if not cleaned regularly. Evaporator coils on your furnace and condensers on your air conditioner are common problem areas and tend to accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris if not cleaned regularly.

Left unmaintained, they can severely reduce the efficiency and overwork your system. While you can do the cleaning in some cases, it’s recommended to leave it to a professional as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Mechanical Wear and Tear

Components such as belts, fans, and motors wear out over time. Some of the previously mentioned issues can shorten the life span of several mechanical components in your HVAC system. Wear and tear can also reduce airflow, and efficiency and cause loud noises as well.

How Do You Diagnose HVAC Problems?

There are several things you can do to check your system to diagnose issues. First, check the breakers to make sure your system has power. Next, check the thermostat to see if it has power or if there’s an issue with the programming. Then, check your filters and replace them if they are dirty. Finally, you can always call your professional HVAC technician at Dean Mechanical!

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