Proper Air Circulation At Home May Help Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

Air Quality Affects More Than You Think!

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More often than not, the air inside of a home or establishment is more severely polluted than the fresh air outside. There is no power to control airflow inside any residential infrastructure without effective air regulation in working order. 

A well-functioning ventilation system will ultimately prevent the otherwise inevitable accrual of pollutants, bacteria, moisture, body odor, and other impurities that are ultimately hazardous to the health and wellness of all who spend time in the space. 

The buildup of moisture, in particular, is dangerous as condensation can lead to mold and rotting surfaces. What’s more, damp conditions can cause serious respiratory problems. With the respiratory virus, COVID-19, as prevalent as it is in this current global pandemic, every effort to reduce the spread is worth taking, especially those directly related and easily administered, such as ensuring proper air circulation is in working order at home.

Spending time inside any poorly ventilated space can be exceptionally detrimental on many levels. Indoor air pollution combined with bad ventilation can cause serious health issues including amplified allergies, severe headaches, and asthmatic difficulty breathing - extremely similar signs to the symptoms of the coronavirus.

What Can Be Done?

Proper air circulation by way of effective ventilation can actively help reduce the risks that result from indoor air pollution. In this uncertain time of increasing quarantine measures urging everyone to stay home in order to reduce the rapid spread of COVID-19, the significance of air quality is crucial to maintaining a healthy home for your family.

Air balancing is one way to breathe easier. This effort alone will improve air circulation, increase energy efficiency, and distribute the right amount of air to each room. Air balancing ultimately enhances the effectiveness of your air conditioning and heating system.

To ensure the air balancing is accurately administered, an HVAC technician can test and adjust the system. They carefully analyze the intake and output, and then they will make adjustments accordingly in order to achieve optimal air balancing. This may require the installation of dampers or moving registers.

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Clean Filters = Clean Air

Another measure you can take immediately with or without the help of an HVAC technician is checking the filters. Cleaning and clearing the dirt, dust, and other debris that collect on the filters will improve your home’s air quality.

Keeping the filter clean will also help to maximize the efficiency of your furnace. Reduced air flow through your heating and cooling system can result in the heat exchange to overheat and shut down prematurely. The most common reason why an HVAC breaks down is a dirty filter. Regular maintenance of filters extends the life of your HVAC system. Without it, the otherwise dirty filter makes your system work much harder, causing it to overheat.

Keeping your filter clean will also help keep energy costs down. If your filter is not clogged, your system will run more efficiently. This alone will help reduce energy costs significantly. 

The air quality of your home is of optimal importance even when there is not a major health pandemic sweeping the globe. However, to ensure proper health, wellness, and ultimately easy breathing for your family during this stressful time, proper air circulation can improve your quality of life, comfort, and overall bottom line. 

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