Clearing the Air on Duct Cleaning

Is duct cleaning worth it? 

Having your ductwork cleaned by professionals may be beneficial to your health, or it may be an unnecessary expense. The EPA has not made a decision on whether or not annual duct cleaning is the way to go because there simply isn’t enough data to say one way or another.

You and I are probably more aware of respiratory health than ever before. We’re staying home and limiting our contact with friends and family; we’re looking for every possible advantage for protecting our loved ones from anything and everything that might be floating through the air.

There are certain times when a thorough cleaning of your HVAC system’s ducts are the right thing to do and certain times in which it is not. Due to some companies making wild claims about duct cleaning and trying to frighten customers into spending money that they don’t need to, we think that now is a good time to shed some light on this subject.

Trustworthy HVAC Companies and the EPA agree on a few examples of definite times when a professional duct cleaning should happen, here are some examples of when doing so is highly advised:

There is dust or debris blowing out of your vents

When your system kicks on, should you see a cloud of dust or hear dirt or other debris moving around, then you will know for sure that there is a problem. Your HVAC system can filter out almost all daily particulate matter, so if you see clouds of debris coming out, there is something seriously wrong.

Signs of moisture, mold in your ducts

Mold can be toxic when breathed in, and the conditions mold thrives in is usually dark moist spaces. In Southeast Michigan we are all familiar with those kinds of conditions. If for some reason there is moisture building up in your ductwork then there is a danger of mold doing the same. Finding and fixing any source of moisture getting into your ducts, followed by cleaning, is crucial for protecting your health. 

Critter pitter-patter

It can be a little unsettling, but sometimes insects or rodents can make a “little home” in the dark and unseen parts of your home. Ductwork is no exception. Simply put: everything those critters leave behind them is bad news for you and your family. Wintertime in Michigan is very notorious for these unwelcomed guests. Once the snow melts and they’ve migrated back to where they belong, it might serve you to double-check.

Silver air ducts

You might just like to clean your ductwork if…

You’ve recently remodeled your house

A one-time duct cleaning might be in order. Construction causes a pretty big mess, and if that mess has found its way into your HVAC system a cleaning after your project is finished could be helpful.

Your house was just built

Even though you might be thinking that your new system might be clean on the inside, you’d be surprised the amount of debris could have built up during construction. If you have any doubts, its better safe than sorry.

Your nose knows

 A lingering smell that is present all over your house and is most obvious when your system is running will usually mean that there is something in there that shouldn’t be. If you smell an old, wet basement there might be condensation collecting somewhere in your system. The smell of burning gas can actually be a sign that there is dust or dirt being pulled into your system and burned. 

You are updating to a new HVAC system

When you’ve been running an old system in your home and have decided to move on to a new one, it might be a good idea to clean out the ductwork so that nothing left over from the old system gets sucked into the new one.

Why call Dean Mechanical?

There have been wild claims made for the best ways to stay safe from every single business in every single industry. This is not one of them. With Dean Mechanical, you can be sure that every technician will thoroughly inspect your ducts and will honestly tell you if you would benefit from a duct cleaning. We won’t just tell you why. We will show you why.