Beat the Heat—Get Your AC Ready for Summer

It’s coming faster than you think. You know the springtime back and forth will be over in a heartbeat. Right now it might be sunny in Wixom while snowing in Milford but you can be certain that all over Southeast Michigan the warm weather is moving back in. Now is the time to get your Air Conditioning System ready for the coming heat.

Open those windows and breathe deep

You’ve been stuck inside for months and not just because of the weather. Opening your windows for a little while during those sunny, cool days is the first rite of spring. Fresh air can improve how you feel right away. For all of us looking to improve the air quality inside, the first move is always to throw open those windows.

When do I flip the switch?

If you haven’t asked yourself this question yet, you can count on asking it in the next few weeks. Every year the tug of war between turning on the AC and waiting a little longer fills our thoughts as the sunshine warms our houses and the open windows don’t keep things as cool as we’d like. But before you turn your AC on there are some things you should be doing:

Uncover your AC condenser

Since you’ve been inside for so long, and since you probably don’t spend much time thinking about air conditioning in February, it’s likely that you have totally forgotten about that cover you put over your AC condenser unit last fall. It’s very important that you take that cover off the condenser unit before you flip your air back on. If the unit can’t pull air in, there is a high risk of causing serious damage.

Change those air filters

Checking and changing your air filters is a simple task which, like getting the oil changed in your car, can protect your system from a long list of issues down the road. The whole function of air conditioning is to move cooler air from one place to another inside your house. Changing air filters regularly ensures that the air moving through your ducts is first clean, and then cool.

Thermostat batteries for the summer win

Because your thermostat is a great tool for your energy management strategy, right at the start of the warm season is when you should toss some fresh batteries in. We tend to adjust the AC schedule more during the summer than we adjust the heat during the winter. Your thermostat needs a little attention just like the rest of your HVAC system does. New batteries once a year between the heating and cooling seasons is a quick and easy task to mark off your spring to-do list.

Don’t wait for the heat to arrive

One day soon, you’re going to wake up because your room is too hot to sleep in. That’s when everyone else is going to start looking for someone to come out and get their AC cranking. By then, the wait times can reach 2 weeks or more for a reputable HVAC company to see to your system. If you can find someone to come out on the same day, when demand is high, you should be asking yourself why that person is not busy. It could be coincidence, maybe you got lucky, but why risk spending your hard-earned money on a service that is anything less than what you and your family deserve? Right now is the time to find your HVAC guy and get them over to your house before the summer really arrives.

Who ya gonna call?

There’s a place that you like to take your cars when they need service. There’s a vet who takes care of your pets, a dentist who takes care of your teeth, a pizza place that makes the only pizza you want to eat. We want to be the ones who handle all your HVAC needs. Dean Mechanical never charges for any equipment estimates, uses flat rate pricing, and all repairs are shown to the customer both before and after the repairs are made. 

The best service will always be in high demand. The benefit of calling now to make an annual maintenance appointment or to get your AC system running tip top is that you can get the best quality service fit into your schedule. Get right to enjoying this Michigan summer and leave the AC to us!