Temperature Optimization

Temperature optimization: as the name implies, temperature optimization is one of the ways to make sure your HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible. In addition, optimizing the temperature makes certain that you are consistently comfortable. There are several benefits to temperature optimization, so here, we’ll not only mention those, but we’ll also cover how you can optimize your system.

What are the benefits of temperature optimization?

We’ll start by going over some benefits of temperature optimization. As we mentioned before, optimizing HVAC temperature means that YOU are comfortable. Not only is maintaining thermal comfort a benefit, but making sure you are setting proper heating and cooling points also optimizes energy consumption. External climate factors come into play here but, maintaining a temperature that isn’t overly cool or warm, while still maintaining occupant comfort means your system isn’t working too hard to achieve and maintain a particular temperature. If you’re from Michigan or have lived here for a while, you know how unpredictable (sometimes even extremely so) Michigan weather can be. Temperature optimization comes into play a lot here!

Optimizing temperature, and therefore energy consumption, also makes sure you’re not paying more than you have to. If you are setting proper temperatures and not overworking your system, you’re consuming less energy which means you’re spending less. That’s a win-win!

Temperature Optimization

How do I optimize my HVAC temperature?

Here are two tips for optimizing temperature.

First, keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning of your HVAC system. That means regularly replacing filters, cleaning ductwork, and maintaining, or possibly replacing, the mechanical components of your system. If your system is being strained because of a dirty filter or wearing components, it won’t be able to operate efficiently. A system that's not operating efficiently isn't going to be able to efficiently optimize your temperature either. Your local HVAC professional will be happy to provide wellness checks for your system as part of regular maintenance. This will ensure that not only is your temperature optimized but your energy usage as well.

Second, pay special attention to your thermostat. Being that it's the “command central” of your HVAC system, it’s extremely important that your thermostat is operating efficiently as well. That means making sure it’s consistently powered. Wired in units don’t have this issue, but some are battery powered, so stay ahead of the battery changes to make sure it doesn't go out on you! In addition, ensure that it’s properly calibrated. The last thing you need is a thermostat misreading the temperature and making your system work harder than it should. That means leaving it unobstructed as well. If you have things blocking your thermostat, it’s less likely to accurately read the climate of the building. Lastly, if it’s programmable, make sure temperature variations are reasonable, yet comfortable. Poorly programmed thermostats will leave you consuming more energy and poor temperature optimization as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to optimize your HVAC temperature, not only for your comfort, but the overall health of your system. More questions? Contact Dean Mechanical today to find out how we can help!