Minimizing HVAC Strain During the Summer

As we approach the summer months in Michigan, we welcome the warmer temperatures and lighter clothes. However, finding out your air conditioning isn’t working can be a rude awakening in any event, but especially in very warm weather. Heat and humidity are to be expected, and as temperatures climb, your system will work harder to maintain a comfortable climate for you. We’ll look at some ways you can optimize your system and minimize the strain on your HVAC system and avoid any midsummer malfunctions.

Should I Change My Air Filter?

Changing your air filter is probably the easiest, but most often missed step to reducing strain on your HVAC system. A dirty air filter will significantly reduce the airflow, causing your system to work harder to circulate conditioned air. In addition, a dirty filter won’t trap as much dust and other potential allergens. The air filter is a good place to start when you’re looking to optimize your system and reduce HVAC strain.

How Can I Save My Air Conditioner?

The air conditioning unit also seems like an obvious candidate for attention. When looking to reduce strain, make sure the area around your air conditioner is clear. Just like clean air filters, allowing air to move freely around the unit itself will ensure it isn’t working harder than it should be. Cleaning and servicing your air conditioner will also ensure it’s operating at peak performance. As parts wear out, it naturally won’t operate as efficiently and will cause strain on your system. Replacing worn or broken parts or simply cleaning them to remove dust and debris will keep your  air conditioning system working at its best.

Thermometer set at 78 degrees

What’s the Best Setting for A/C in the Summer?

Good Question! First consider how often you’re actually home in the summer. When you are, the US Department of Energy recommends maintaining a temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it’s recommended to raise the temperature a little when you aren’t home. One option to consider is a Smart or programmable thermostat, that takes the guesswork out of maintaining a reasonable temperature in your home. These thermostats give you the ability to set and automate schedules that fit when you’re home and when you're not, reducing the overall strain on your system.

What Else Can I Do?

There are other things you can do to make sure your air conditioner isn’t working as hard. One thing is to improve your insulation. That helps keep conditioned air inside to maintain an ideal temperature. Reducing overall heat inside is another way. Closing blinds during the day and using heat generating appliances like the stove in the evening, when it’s cooler, can make a difference in how hard your system works.

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