What is an iWave air purifier?

Just like your personal health, the health of your home is protected and maintained by a number of things. Providing the highest Indoor Air Quality possible is among the most important on the list of ways to stay healthy. In a similar way to a tool box, you want to have all the tools you need (and maybe a few more) to build the healthiest life possible. Adding an iWave ionizing air purifier to your tool kit is another choice that might protect you and your family from unwanted things that are floating in the air.

What are iWave air purifiers?

The iWave is an air purifier that works by ionizing the air in the inside of your a/c and heating systems. These ions then cause allergens, like pollen and pet dander to stick together and become easily trapped by your HVAC system’s filter. With things like bacteria, viruses, and mold the ions damage the proteins in their cells to the point that they are unable to harm anyone. If you'd like to see an example illustrated, check out this really great video below, we timestamped it to begin where the animation shows exactly how it works.

A powerful tool for your tool box

As more of us are moving back into the world and shared spaces, many businesses are using these iWave air purifiers as an additional tool for protecting their customers, and you can do the same for your own personal space. We’ve talked about the importance of air circulation and how it affects the spread of Coronavirus. You also know all about how effective the HVAC system filters are for removing the gross stuff from your home’s air. Along with the tried and true, it’s good to specialize. It’s been estimated that 100,000 Americans might die each year from the effects of air pollution. While there is less that you can do about the whole outside world, you can do many things in your own house.

Michigan's war on mold

You might ask yourself, "what air quality issues does Michigan have?" We have the answers for you. In Michigan, with our hot muggy weather, mold spores are one of our biggest air quality enemies. The EPA says on their website that the best way to control mold is to manage your indoor air moisture, and of course that is where AC comes in, but in addition to that, catching any microscopic spores that are floating around is an excellent way to supplement your mold defense system. When Oakland, Macomb and Wayne County was hit with a torrential rain storm in 2014, and more than 100,000 homes were flooded, those who for various reasons didn't remediate their homes afterwards were left with serious damage to both their homes and their health. This, of course, is a rather extreme example compared to average conditions, but it's just an example of how bad mold problems can become if they aren't controlled.

The addition of an ionizing air purifier like the iWave is becoming more and more relevant to people allover Michigan as the spread of Covid-19 declines and we move into a less restricted life. Like every decision you make about the health and safety of your home and family, Dean Mechanical will continue to be a resource for you. We can and will help you figure out the best way to keep your house the place you love to be.